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    Nick Ward Paintings


Oil Paintings Oil Paintings Winter in Capel Size: 78x62 Price: �210 149511254 After Surf Size:22x16 Price: SOLD 149511255 Two boats, Mevagissey Size 50x30 Price: SOLD 203984647 Headley Lane in snow Size: 41x31 Price: �120 149511256 Pond in Autumn Size: 40x40 Price: �120 166350878 Sunflower field near Newdigate Size: 32x42 Price: SOLD 149511253 Brockham Park House Size: 78x62 Price: SOLD 153133292 Golfing at Rusper Size: 78x52 Price: SOLD 166350877 The Pond at Ockley Size: 29x40 Price: SOLD 153133293 Wood in Springtime Price: SOLD 166350880 Winter sunset Size: 78x52 Price: SOLD 153133294 Matterhorn, snowstorm clearing Size: 61x41 Price: SOLD 167219600 Young elephants in the Serengeti Size: 70x50 Price: SOLD 189055870 Erosion Size: 40x40 Price: �160 167219804 Marktplatz, Bonn 50x35 Price: SOLD 205440051 Winter on Leith Hill Size: 60x40 Price: SOLD 199515039 Dorking, the Golden Size: 60x40 Price: SOLD 203984651 Friday Street, Surrey 60x40 Price: SOLD 205440050 From Vauxhall Bridge 30x20 Price: SOLD 205440052 Sun and sea I 60x40 PRICE: �160 205440053 Sun and sea II 40x60 Price: SOLD 205440054 Wotton, Surrey 40x30 Price �140 206291233 Studland Bay 40x50 Price: �180 206291234 Lulworth Cove, Dorset 20x60 Price: �160 206291232 St Ives, backstreets 50x50 Price: �180 206291231