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    Nick Ward Paintings


Drawings Drawings George the Dog This drawing was commissoned by the dog's owners. SOLD 153133818 Flick's puppies This drawing was done for the (unintentional) owner of the litter. My dog, Lucy, is third from the left. SOLD 153133819 Juniper Hall, Box Hill Charcoal SIZE 52x40 SOLD 153133820 The Matterhorn Started in the cold and finished in the warmth of the hotel room. SIZE 40x29 SOLD 153133821 Self-portrait After growing a beard during my trip to Peru, to walk the Inca Trail. NFS 153133822 Coppiced Hornbeam Old tangled trunks and roots in a wood near Capel, Surrey. Charcoal SIZE 52x40 �40 153383734 The Crown, Capel Design for the pub Christmas card with the purchase price paid in beer! SOLD 153383735 Buddy This drawing was commissoned by the dog's owners. SOLD 153383736 Stile near Ockley Drawn on a glorious warm afternoon at the end of June. Size 21x30 Price �35 199514932 The ruins of the Abbey at Walsingham Drawn in the course of a pilgrimage to the Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham size 40x25 Price �50 203984692 High Street, Little Walsingham Another pilgrimage drawing, although most of the other pilgrims were in the pub behind me! Size 30x20 Price: �35 203984695 Yew tree Cottage, Friday Street A fine day in September Size 30x20 Price �35 203984693 Hartshurst Farm, Surrey On the south side of Leith Hill Size 30x20 Price �35 203984694 Above Hartshust Farm, Surrey The two buzzards appeared while I was drawing away, so I put them in! Size 30x20 Price �35 203984696 View of Basel At the start of my recent cruise down the Rhine Size 30x20 price �35 204352684 La ville de Colmar, Alsace Although pouring with rain, I managed to do this sketch sitting outside a bar, with a beer by my side! Size 30x20 Price �35 204352685 Entrance to Reichsburg Castle, Cochem Another drawing from my Rhine trip, this time in sunshine. Size 30x20 Price �35 204352686 Black Down from Leith Hill Place An evening walk with the dog. Size 30x20 Price �35 204352687