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    Nick Ward Paintings


Watercolour paintings Watercolour paintings Old town, Zermatt Size: 19x24 Price: �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£110 153134317 From Snowdon Size: 30x20 Price: �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£80 164462242 From Snowdon Size: 34x23 Price: �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£110 194214767 Betchworth House Size: 35x25 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£110 197589653 Rose Hill, Dorking Size 28x28 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£90 199514926 Loch Etive,sunset Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 200389275 Leith Hill in winter 2 Size: 40x28 Price: SOLD 153134313 Brockham Park House, morning Size: 35x25 Price: SOLD 153383164 Six Bells, Newdigate Size: 34x24 Price: SOLD 159328631 Cornish holiday weather Size: 28x40 Price: SOLD 153134314 Ski Group, Zermatt NFS 164462240 Glaciated landscape, Snowdonia Size: 38x27 Price: SOLD 167219724 Box Hill from Pixham Size 39x27 Price: SOLD 194214766 Autumn sunshine, Leith Hill Size 34x24 Price: SOLD 203048224 Farmyard geese Size: 28x19 SOLD 180963113 Pond at Capel Size: 40x28 SOLD 183861753 Lunch Break at Enzian's Size: 34x23 Price: SOLD 197589654 Friday Street, Surrey Size: 40x28 Price: SOLD 197589655 Winterreise Size: 23x34 Price: SOLD 197589657 Colley House, Reigate Size: 28x21 Price: SOLD 199514924 The Hay Wain Size33x23 Price: SOLD 199514930 Winter morning Size 45x 34 Price SOLD 203984667 Trees in winter Size: 34x24 PRICE: SOLD 203984668 In the ruins of Whitby Abbey Size: 24x34 Price: SOLD 203984674 Calm as a Mill Pond Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 203048223 Towards Goathland, N Yorkishire Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 203048227 On the North Downs near Denbies Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 204352804 Getting ready for the fair, Brockham Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 204352805 Studland Bay with Old Harry Rocks Size 34x24 Price: SOLD 205716673 Summer morning, Chiddingfold Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 205244078 Leith Hill Tower in Winter Size 34x24 Price: SOLD 205716674 Inn on the Green, Ockley Size 40x30 Price: SOLD 205244079 Winter sparkle Size 34x24 SOLD 205716675 Crantock Bay, Cornwall Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206107873 Polesden Lacey, Surrey Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206107875 Wells-next-the-Sea, rainy day Size: 48x34 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£160 206107876 The Beer Drinker Size 34x24 Price: �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206291235 Shere, Surrey Size 34x24 Price SOLD 206107877 On the North Yorkshire Railway Size 34X24 SOLD 206291236 Cornish River Size 34x24 Price: �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206291237 A Cottage in Ockley, Surrey Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206291238 Near Chanctonbury Ring Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206291239 Greens Farm, Newdigate in Winter Sun Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206411853 Misbrooks Cottages in Snow Size 27x17 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£60 206411854 Winter horizon I, Capel Size 27x17 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£60 206411855 Winter horizon II, Capel Size 27x17 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£60 206411856 Winter Landscape, Capel Size 27x17 SOLD 206411857 North Barn, Winter Size 34x24 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206411858 Pine Trees and Gorse, Leith Hill Size 24x34 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£120 206411859 Entrance to the Village of Capel in Winter Size 27x17 Price �?�?â�?�š�?�??�?£60 206411860 Coastguards' Cottages, Dorset Size 24x34 Price �?£120 206717154 Autumn on Duke's Warren Size 24x34 Price �?£120 206717157 Stream through the wet woods Size 24x34 Price �?£120 206717158 The Old Vicarage, Capel Size 24x34 Price £120 206717159 Hampton Court Palace Size 24x34 Price £120 206751454